Why the Partial to Pardot Blog? Part 1

Good question. Multiple answers. Hopefully all relevant ones.

  1. There are way too few Pardot related blogs.
  2. Many people have a lot of questions about Pardot that verge on just good marketing automation practices
  3. Pardot is an extensible platform but it takes some guidance to get there
  4. There is more to it than just the marketing technology. There is the Ohana and it matters.

This was going to be an introductory post the has turned into an introductory series. Why? Because it deserves to be. Not because I love to be wordy and justify why I am creating a Pardot blog. Instead because the tool, the tech, and the Ohana deserve their own moments to shine. On top of that, for those that are reading this post gone series who don’t currently use Pardot or work within the Salesforce Ohana, then it matters deeply me to you that you see Pardot from a holistic perspective.

Oh yeah, and I figure if I pander enough Salesforce is bound to at least throw a sticker or two my way.

So Part 1 of the Why the Partial to Pardot blog…

Beyond my deep desire to talk about myself I feel like at least a quick intro is helpful at least for context. I’m sure more to come on me later. I am a Marketing Strategist that utilizes Pardot. I like to say it that way because I hope it is true. Pardot is a tool and good old fashioned strategic marketing is the foundation with digital marketing best practices that hold it all together. Beyond that I am a marketing automation consultant with GSD Company, a Salesforce Silver Partner. I have spent the last 15 years trying to get people to say yes to buying stuff via digital marketing, about 1/2 B2C and 1/2 B2B.

Enough about me (not really but my false modesty keeps me from droning on.) Think about the world of blogging, podcasting, video blogs, etc. There is just a crap ton of it and some of it is pretty good. There are topics for which there must be a million different content delivery points and some of those are really, really good. But Google Pardot. Yes, Pardot, the marketing automation arm of the largest and fastest growing CRM software company in the world. I can count the results on one hand and one of those results is the Pardot blog itself.

Here’s the good news, all of the blogs that show up in the search results, are AWESOME!! When I say ’too few’ I don’t mean inadequate I mean Pardot is big enough to have more content dedicated to it. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t check for updates from; 

I don’t hope to add more of anything Pardot related than this amazing line up has already. Instead my goal is to add a voice and add an additional light to shine on not just Pardot but Marketing Automation and just plain old Marketing Strategy while being…

Partial to Pardot.

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