Help! Our Pardot Admin Quit!

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So you are the Salesforce admin for your organization. That may mean you are a member of the IT team or sales operations. Maybe somewhere in the middle. Possibly an accidental admin? Either way you have been existing pretty well for a while keeping things together on the Salesforce front while the Pardot side of the aisle has been managed by the marketing team. Occasionally you get a request to add a field or change this or that to help out.
Then it happened, your Pardot admin left.
Conversations were had, things thought about and instead of passing the torch to another member of the marketing team it was decided you are the best fit to pick up the pieces and be the new Pardot admin along with your Salesforce role.
You have two choices here; get by and go into survival mode on the Pardot side, ie: keep your head low and if anyone asks for anything, Google it. Or you could go proactive and learn what you can about Pardot, pro tip: depending on your Pardot admins experience there is a really good chance with your Salesforce knowledge paired with Pardot you can go next level with this stuff for your organization.

Three Things to Know

Pardot for Lightning
Depending on how long ago you started using Pardot there is a chance you are still using Pardot “classic” either via a separate login or SSO in Salesforce. As the Salesforce admin you can stop that right now and implement Pardot for Lightning. It is fast, do it now! The benefits are significant;
  1. Stay in Salesforce and leverage UX/UI benefits like customized tabs. This means you can be in the Pardot app but still have access to your Salesforce tabs; Contacts, Campaigns, Custom Objects, etc.
  2. Lightning only features. There are Lightning only Pardot features such as the Business Unit Switcher, Snippets and more. Hint: all new Pardot features are only being released to Lightning.
  3. You may not have used Pardot before but Lightning navigation just makes more sense.
Pardot Data in Salesforce
We have other posts, as do lots of other blogs explaining Connected Campaigns. The long and short of it is Connected Campaign implementations allow for Pardot data to be surfaced in Salesforce. Maybe that doesn’t fully sink in yet but it will when you get that first request for data.
It will go something like this. “Can you get me the email statistics for this particular campaign, by email and only for the emails that were sent after June 1st?”
You answer, “Sure thing” and you pop into Pardot and click on the “Pardot Reports” tab – I say tab because I know you transitioned to Pardot for Lightning. You’re page loads and you say, “Umm, huh? Maybe I can’t get that.” But wait, Engagement History data by way of Connected Campaigns to the rescue. You go to Salesforce reports, create a new report with the Engagement History by List Emails custom report type and five minutes later the report is built. You being an awesome admin you save the report, put it on a dashboard and maintain filters for your users to customize later.
User Sync
Maybe you have a decent sized organization or possibly even a decent amount of turn over, hey it’s ok, you are the Salesforce Admin, not HR, these things happen. Either way you don’t want to have to do double duty by maintaining users in Salesforce and then go into Pardot to keep up the same things. If your Pardot organization is a few years old there is a good chance User Sync was never implemented as a feature. You, the awesome admin to the rescue. By implementing this (from Pardot) you can keep your Salesforce and Pardot users in sync including maintaining profile changes between the orgs. One less thing on your ever growing plate.
Ok, so those were the three things we promised. The truth is there are about 15 others. Change is hard but can be oh so profitable at the same time when done right. If you would like a helping hand with the transition to make sure nothing is left on the table or just a shoulder to cry on, feel free to reach out to start a conversation.

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