Four Steps to B2B Webinar Dominance – Introduction

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If you are in sales or marketing in the B2B space then it would be old hat and a tired trail for me to weave down explaining, “things have changed.” We all get it. We are on video meetings all day and spend time trying to “stay engaged” to the point we probably don’t want to engage anymore. One thing is still true, you want more leads, more engaged leads, and dare I say, more educated leads.
In comes webinars. If you are in a B2B space and you have leaned on live events historically the great news is webinars can be better! I believe that. Hopefully by the end of this series you will too. Don’t let your anxiety level jump when you hear that. I am not saying that when things, go back to “normal” you won’t ever do another live event or conference. Instead my hope is this will give you one more arrow in your arsenal to increase quality leads and extend your brand education.
Let’s talk about the benefits of webinars for a minute.
  1. They are cheaper than live events (including no T&E, no booth cost, no set up and tear down costs)
  2. You can hold them any time of the year
  3. Because everything is online ROI can be easily tracked
  4. They live on after the actual event
  5. It gives you a reason to ask for someones email
  6. They are shareable
The list goes on but the bottomline is webinars are affordable, trackable, reusable and if you haven’t done one before, down right scary to even think about!
I can’t guarantee by the end of this series you will be raking in cash, commissions or qualified leads by the bucket full but I am hoping you at least feel confident enough to host a well planned and professional webinar that keeps your brand in front of your target market and creates useful content for those you serve.
Over the next few posts we are going to cover the details of 4 key steps to successful B2B webinars;
  1. How to get the word out
  2. How to get people to show up and ready to learn
  3. How to design an impactful webinar
  4. What to do after you hit “end meeting for all”
If at any time it all still feels like too much or you are in a place where a “done for you solution” is the best option feel free to reach out to me to chat about your options.

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