Four Steps to B2B Webinar Dominance – Part 1 – Promotion

Let’s not mince words. The goal for your webinar is to get more leads, more qualified, educated leads. But nonetheless, more leads. When framing this step as a question we can boil it down to, “Where do I find more leads.”
I have many clients who currently don’t have a content marketing strategy. When I suggest we do something to get a potential customer to fill in a form so that we can capture their contact information the number one objection I get is, “But we don’t have something that would make them want to give us their info.”
Why do I say that? Because if that is your answer then you already know that throwing a form up somewhere doesn’t get people to fill it in. Instead, a compelling offer gets people to fill it in. If you feel like you don’t’ have a compelling offer that would drive action, great news, you’re webinar is that thing.
In essence, to start getting leads via a webinar all you need up front is a compelling headline/offer and the ability to find people the offer is going to resonate with. That either sounds super simple, in which case if it is for you, then stop wasting your time reading these posts, get out there and host some webinars! Or you are thinking, I have no idea what would be compelling about coming to my webinar and I certainly don’t know how to get the word out about it. If that is you, more good news, read on.
Get the Word Out
Let’s not overcomplicate this. You have basically two ways to get the word out, pay for it or create content for free. You need to post about it on social media, on your blog and anyway you can for free. But be honest, if you have a flood of traffic to those places then getting new leads via webinars wouldn’t be front of mind. So let’s talk about paying for them.
A word of caution: “Do not under any circumstance pay for an email list to send invites to!” I’ll make the reasoning cut and dry. A.) even if they approved getting emails in reality they don’t know you so it is spam, B.) Like all spam, it is totally ineffective. Translation: you are wasting money and tarnishing your brand.
It is, however, ok to pay for eyeballs. The obvious places to advertise are social media and Google Adwords. I think both are great options if done correctly. I recommend really honing in your message and your target audience before spending any money. If you are unclear about how to hone the audience I also recommend hiring a professional. You can easily spend a bunch of money getting the word out to folks who have no interest in your product. A firm specializing in social media advertising can save you money in the long-term.
B2B good news! Unlike the B2C space where target clients are largely spread amongst many different groups in the B2B space we know for the most part who our targets are and where they hang out. Why not start there?
Pro tip: Do you currently have ad spend in physical industry publications? Awesome! Now you have a call to action. I would recommend immediately retooling those ads to promote your webinar as the call to action. No more, “Visit our website for more info.”
If you aren’t running ads in industry publications or online sites I recommend starting there. Especially if your industry has a strong media partner that is a hub of information. Because your first webinar is time sensitive I suggest a short run of ads. Of course the rep will want to sell you a long-term agreement but be strong, design a significant presence in the short-term and let them know if it is profitable you will be back.
How to spend it – If your industry is lucky enough to have more than one destination for industry news I suggest picking just one for your initial webinar. It will help concentrate your buying power and reduce the variables you are analyzing for ad spend effectiveness to, 1.
How much to spend – It depends. I recommend spending enough so that people know you are doing a webinar. Easy, right? But really. I want to spend enough that it is obvious when someone visits the site or opens the publication they know you are doing a webinar. A small square ad in the right sidebar of a couple of pages isn’t going to do it. You don’t have to buy a massive ad package but instead buy one ad that gets attention.
I purposefully didn’t spend much time discussing social media ads and Google Adwords because I think the best step you can take on this front is to hire someone. Full disclaimer, I’m not that someone so don’t worry about me pitching you. I just believe we all only have 18 hours in our workdays, we can’t do and know it all. I believe that type of ad spend is better left to someone who knows what they are doing. It will free you up for the next step; Getting People to Show Up.

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