Four Steps to B2B Webinar Dominance – Part 4 – Follow Up

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You’re webinar went swimmingly! You had everyone at hello and more importantly they got value from the content you and your partners provided. This is the dream scenario and one you should strive for each time. But it isn’t the end of the road. If this is where you pat yourself on the back, ask some marketing assistant to send out the recording when it’s ready and move on then you are missing out on the most important part. The sale!
If you don’t have a follow up plan for your webinar then you don’t really have a plan for your webinar.

Segment your registrants

To me the first crucial step post webinar is to segment your audience. I don’t remember who said it but the quote goes something like this, “To have a successful relationship you have to treat everyone the same, by treating them each differently.” Don’t get confused, the folks that didn’t show up for the webinar can be just as profitable as those that did.
Before you break your registrants into two lists; attended, did not attend, I would recommend first separating it into current customers and non-customers. If your marketing was enticing enough if you probably had a group of current customers register and/or attend. This group has a totally different purpose and doesn’t need to go down your lead warming path.
After that I would segment them by attended and didn’t attend. I usually fast path the attendees with an email providing the replay and key points of the webinar but at the same time queue up their rep to call them right after that email. They actually showed up for the webinar, they are interested! From there I send the folks that didn’t attend down another path. The details would be too much to cover here but big picture the goal is to keep the communication lines open.

Gauge interest quickly

The main purpose to keeping the communication lines open is to gauge interest quickly. You have limited sales resources and you want to be a good steward of those resources by only alerting the team to the right leads. Notice I didn’t say interested leads. It matters but it isn’t the only thing that matters. I gauge interest first because I assume if they aren’t interested then nothing else matters.
What is interest? Watching the webinar, clicking on links to supporting content. Viewing certain pages on your website that speak to the product the webinar promotes. Opening emails that are outside of the direct follow up for this webinar. All of these show interest.
All of this interest needs to be set against the backdrop of “fit.” Fit answers the question of whether they are really in a place to convert their interest to your revenue. I know that sounds sell serving but revenue is the thing that keeps potatoes on your dinner table. So it matters.
Let me provide a stark example of fit. You have two prospects that attended the webinar. They both watched all of the way through. They both opened every follow up email and clicked on every link in those emails. They visited pages on your site that matter; product, pricing, purchasing process. One is the head of purchasing for a type of company that commonly buys your product. The other is an MBA student assumedly doing research. Fit, it matters!

The replay

“Thank you for attending our webinar on XYZ, here is a link to the recording.” “We’re sorry you couldn’t attend our webinar, here is a link to the recording.” Ahh, the replay…
What to do with the webinar recording should and probably will be a series of posts on its own but for now think about it in a couple of ways.
Click bait – ok not really but it I would think of it as a way to get someone not to just the recording but also to more information about you and your product with a strong call to action. If you are sending people to a recording hosted on a third party you are missing out on the most important part of the recording, the page. Think about it, at the very least prospects will click on the link and land on a page. At the most they will go there and spend 45 mins watching your webinar. Don’t you want that page to serve your purposes beyond hosting the video? The webinar replay page may be more important than the original landing page used to register prospects.
I have tons of thoughts on the design and content from including bookmarks to key points with time markers to links, to testimonials, to chat now options, to… you get the point.
Content generator – If you put a significant amount of time and energy into creating the webinar outline and information no use in letting that effort go to waste. Repurposing content is marketing ninja’s secret weapon. Think of all of the blog posts, web site pages/content, video content and email content you can spawn just from this one webinar.
Resources are limited so you may not have the time to create all of that content. Great news, there are people just waiting (because it’s how they make a living) to repurpose your webinar content for you. Seek out freelancers who you can provide the webinar recording to and let them do their magic.

What’s Next?

The great news is that is totally up to you. It’s the scary news too. Now is where the rubber meets the road. It is time to take what you have learned and put it into action. It is work but it is also rewarding and profitable work. Webinars can shape your marketing and customer communications efforts.
Worried about not having the time and resources? Do you need to get up and running quickly. Let me know and see if there is a way we can help with some or all of the steps in building your webinar program or even overall marketing strategy.

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