The Pardot Admin is Dead…

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I thought about titling this, “The Pardot Admin is Dead, Long Live the Pardot Admin.” But that isn’t true, the Pardot admin IS dead! I get really concerned when I come across organizations and to be honest they are few and far between in the mid-market group I play in, where someone says, “I am the Pardot admin.”
I do hear instead, “I am the Pardot admin and…”
Here is how it usually goes down on an initial discovery and introduction call with a client. After the introductions from the project sponsors we move on to the folks that will be doing the actual work. For the most part in the marketing department there is one person, marketing ops related, who is “in charge of Pardot.” Usually it is the person that sends the most emails. What a prize, you get to send lots of emails and be an admin. How did you get so lucky?
Then I am introduced to the Salesforce Admin. This person will usually tell me that they are the technical resource for “all things Salesforce.” I ask what that means and they will tell me. Almost always, ok, always to this point in my experience what they mean is they are the technical resource for Sales. They are the Sales ops person.
So we have a Sales ops person, a marketing ops person and then we get introduced to the person responsible for melding the two strategically to build a cohesive process that includes a well designed ROI feedback loop.
I’m kidding no one has that person!
(Sorry, had a Frozen 2 moment, “Samantha, Samantha? I don’t even know a Samantha!”)
Thanks for indulging me. I’m a little weird, I’m ok with that.
Most organizations are just like Olaf in Frozen 2. They are wandering in the unfamiliar woods calling for someone they don’t even know. But unlike Olaf they then wonder why Samantha doesn’t answer, why they aren’t getting the results they want. Why?
Because we are looking at it wrong. Let me ask this question. If tomorrow there was no more Salesforce, no more Pardot just a platform designed to help organizations sell more stuff more efficiently.  What would the Pardot admin do? Get fired? Maybe. What would the smart Pardot admin do?
They would figure out how to add value to the organization by using the Sales/Marketing Automation platform to provide the greatest ROI and figure out how to use that same platform to show stakeholders what that ROI is, partially to justify their jobs and partially to help the team make the best sales and marketing decisions. Does that sound like a Pardot admin?
No, that sounds like a strategic thinking marketing operations superstar.
I’ve written too long to keep your attention much longer. In Part 2 of “The Pardot Admin is Dead” we will talk about some concrete things you can do to adjust to this change and further your career and your organizations performance.

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